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張貼者:陳秋雲/電子工程學系 【Talk】Understanding the editorial process at Nature Research Journals ~~ Welcome all to join
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演講 教職員生 2023/05/26 2023/07/05 工程四館一樓108室知新廳

聯絡人:陳秋雲   聯絡電話:03-5712121#54107

Time:July 13, 2023 Thursday 10:00am~12:00pm

Venue:Room 108, Engineering Building 4, NYCU 陽明交大工程四館一樓108室知新廳
Dr. Olga Bubnova
Chief editor Nature Reviews Electrical Engineering
Registration:Please register before July 5, 2023 through
(First come, First Served)
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