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張貼者:林婷美/教學發展中心 ❇️ICT Redesign UI/UX設計挑戰賽`開放報名!!`❇️ ICT Redesign UI/UX Design Challenge`Now Open for Registration!!`
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演講課程 教職員生 2024/07/10 2024/08/10 無標示地點

聯絡人:林婷美   聯絡電話:50131



【2024 ICT Redesign UI/UX設計挑戰賽】
本校創創工坊積極推廣跨領域學習,透過規劃具特色性、前瞻性與創新性的實作課程,提供學生跨域交流及合作共創的學習機會。為啟發學生創意潛能,培養UI/UX設計能力,配合Figma UI/UX系列課程舉辦比賽,營造UI/UX設計領域的學習和交流氛圍,推動專業發展,培育更多具有創新精神和實踐能力的設計人才。

1. 報名時間:即日起~2024年8月10日(六)晚上23:59截止
2. 初選入圍公布時間:2024年8月19日(一)於創創工坊官網公告通過初選團隊名單,並寄發通知郵件至團隊代表之E-mail信箱。
3. 決賽進行方式:線上Google Meet
4. 決賽競賽時間:2024年8月24日(六)下午12:45線上測試及綵排、下午13:30正式開始
5. 頒獎典禮:於2024年9月舉行,時間及地點待定
Competition Overview
Innovation and Creative Technology (ICT) Workshop actively promotes interdisciplinary learning by planning practical courses that are distinctive, forward-looking, and innovative. These courses provide students with opportunities for cross-disciplinary interaction and collaborative learning. To inspire students' creative potential and develop their UI/UX design skills, we are hosting a competition in conjunction with the Figma UI/UX series of courses. This aims to create a learning and exchange environment in the field of UI/UX design, with the expectation of nurturing more innovative and capable design talents.

Competition Schedule
1. Registration Period: From now until 11:59 PM on Saturday, August 10, 2024
2. Announcement of Preliminary Results: The list of teams that passed the preliminary round will be announced on the website on Monday, August 19, 2024, and notification emails will be sent to the team representatives.
3. Final Competition Format: Online via Google Meet
4. Final Competition Date: Saturday, August 24, 2024, with online testing and rehearsal at 12:45 PM, and the official start at 1:30 PM
5. Award Ceremony: To be held in September 2024, with the date and location to be determined

Competition Awards
Champion: NT$10,000 + Certificate
1st Runner-up: NT$4,000 + Certificate
2nd Runner-up: NT$2,000 + Certificate
Finalist Award(
Two Teams): NT$1,000 + Certificate


附件:2024 ICT Redesign UI/UX設計挑戰賽